Social Impact Bond – Outcome and Outcome Measurement on the Basis of Selected SIBS

Abstract :

The article introduces the essence of social impact bonds and presents the analysis of the outcomes formulated by SIBs, outcome metrics and evaluation methods of the achieved results, based on the example of SIBs functioning in the area of counteracting unemployment. The first part of the study presents the subject literature overview in the area of SIBs, including the important features of SIBs and the associated concepts. The second part of the study offers the respective analysis and assessment of the outcomes formulated by the selected SIBs, outcome metrics and the evaluation of the applied methods. The conducted analysis allowed formulating answers to the research questions presented in the introduction to the article as well as verifying the following hypothesis: Despite the discretionary system for determining outcomes, the presented outcomes and outcome metrics as well as the applied evaluation methods guarantee both independence and objectivity of the results achieved by SIBs and may contribute to the stakeholders’ greater interest in SIBs.