Social Business Incubator as an Example of an Innovative Social Service

Abstract :

The objective of the article is to analyze the phenomenon of social entrepreneurship in relation to social business incubators. On the basis of the national and foreign literature review, the research gap was identified, related to the functioning of social business incubators. Admittedly, a lot of attention is paid to the traditional understanding of business incubators. On the other hand, there are no suggestions for using them to activate entrepreneurial attitudes in groups at risk of social exclusion. For this reason, the research problem focuses on innovative social services allowing for the individualized approach to solving social problems. The following were used as the research method: literature review, documentation analysis and direct interview. As a result of the conducted research, the idea of the Social Business Incubator model emerged. Its functioning is based on the cooperation of the three partners: Housing Management Department (ZGM TBS) in Cz?stochowa, Faculty of Management of Cz?stochowa University of Technology and Foundation for Development in Cz?stochowa. ?