‘Smart’ as a Problem-Solving Information and Communication Technology Innovation: Real-Life Understanding of The Term – a Pilot Survey

Abstract :

The term mart has been used as a buzzword over the last decade. Its real-life understanding is shaped by citizens, enterprises, academics, public organizations and etc. This paper analyses the term using text-mining methodology with iterative probabilistic model and provides a short and intuitive definition based on the real-life understanding of the term. The term "smart" is a?a subjective and multi- meaning concept. For most of the respondents., the term "smart" perfectly fits with the words solution that is innovative and technological, an app. There are rather limited linkages between the term "smart" and Smart city (smart). The best fit provided variable containing words "smart" urban planning and development.?Based on our research design and the discussion of the results we propose a preliminary short definition of the term smart . This research design can be used for more representative samples of the population. The paper aims to contribute to the debate about the real-life understanding of the smart term. The citizens understanding of the term smart is important for the success of the Smart city initiatives. With a better understanding of the term, researchers can adjust their socioeconomic surveys to ask better questions, and social and private entrepreneurs can implement problem-solving, innovative ICT ideas in the market and society.?