Self-Assessment Of Civil Servants In Public Organisations – Research Results

Abstract :

The self-assessment of civil servants is one of the elements of the open form of assessing public organisation’s employees. This is a process of formulating assessments toward oneself with regard to the skills, knowledge and experience. The management decides on the criteria of this assessment that will be used for further decisions taken in the scope of managing human resources of a given organisation. The awareness of the potential of a civil servant on a given position is very important. The analysis of weaknesses should encourage civil servants to reflect on whether they want to improve them and if yes, what effort do they want to make and how much time do they want to spend on improving them, what influence does it have on themselves and on the environment in the professional work.?The aim of the article is to discuss the role and significance of the value of civil servants in public organisations, indicate organisational areas that might be helpful in self-improvement of staff and to present research results related to the self-assessment of civil servants of selected public organisations.????