Securing Continuity Of Transport Supply In FMCG Enterprises In Costative

Abstract :

The fundamental decision problem in the process of managing an FMCG industry is the development of a transport plan ensuring the right selection of vehicles for tasks and a rational distribution of the supply stream in the transport network. The specificity of delivered goods requires shortening the time of delivery and ensuring appropriate transport conditions. An important element especially in the FMCG industry is the quality of transport processes, which is part of the company's competitive advantage and leads to a reduction in the logistics costs of operations. In connection with the above, it is important to have tools supporting decision making in this area. This study assesses the possibility of using linear programming methods to optimize the implementation of transport processes based on the simplex algorithm. The objective function was to minimize transport costs. On the basis of daily estimation of chicken egg sales and the production capacity of suppliers, a mathematical formulation of the problem was made and limitations in the values of decision variables were indicated. Then, based on the results obtained, a freight transport plan was developed.