Safety Of The System Of International Relations In The Context Of The Coronavirus Pandemic COVID-19

Abstract :

Contemporary international relations are built on the relationships between geopolitical entities belonging to specific alliances of political, economic and military nature. International safety and security is defined by joint projects and activities that define the achievement of the objectives. In the situation of the crisis caused by the coronovirus COVID -19 pandemic, there are strong voices of disapproval for the actions taken by the community of European countries. This is particularly important because of the risk of undermining the system of cooperation between democratic states which have been established for years and which have relied on the principles of consolidated democracy in favour of a particular system of nation states. The purpose of this article is to present the risks that may arise in the area of erosion of the European Union caused by autocratic decisions of individual European decision-makers. This threat is all the more worrying because the destabilisation of the system of international relations between the countries of the European Union and the United States of America is a clear realisation of Russia's foreign policy objectives.