Safety of Institutional Facilities In The Light of Deficiencies In Project Final Acceptance

Abstract :

The article discusses issues related to actions taken by individuals (or organizations) whose scope of authorization and responsibility includes acceptance of projects consisting in construction or expansion of institutional facilities. Diligent performance of a public contract or due execution of a commission given outside the public contract awarding procedure requires not only choosing the bid in accordance with expectations, but also following a process of reliable acceptance of the performed scope of work. An analysis of adjudications on cases concerning structural collapses and less significant events has shown that the causes of such events were not faulty designs, but a process of accepting completed work during which the identified irregularities were not revealed. In many cases, individuals responsible for preparing work acceptance protocols take incorrect actions because they are venal and willing to attest false information in exchange for a financial advantage. Presently, most of the entities responsible for work related to construction or repairs of institutional facilities (including critical infrastructure) only declare their readiness to participate in the development of a system for informing on irregularities, without taking any actual action.