Russian Youth In The Labor Market: Problems And Trends

Abstract :

Youth labor market is an integral institution of a market economy. Its effective functioning contributes to the progressive development of the Russian economy as a whole, ensuring the financial stability of the country, and improving the living standards.

The modern youth labor market in Russia as part of the world’s labor market is characterized by a widening gap between the labor claims of the young people and the opportunities to satisfy them. The article raises issues of the dual position of youth in the labor market.

Since young people most often do not have practical work experience (or it is not sufficient), their high salary requirements make it difficult to find a suitable job. The lack of appropriate work experience often becomes an obstacle when filling vacancies, as the heads of enterprises and organizations prefer to hire specialists with sufficient work experience. Incomplete use of the labor potential of the youth is a negative phenomenon, since the process of renewing the workforce and the rotation of personnel are slowing down (especially in those areas in which work for young people is not attractive). A waste of their labor potential nowadays is a loss of the quality of the workforce in the near future.

In addition, the article considers the supply factors in the youth labor market, draws conclusions regarding the parameters of the population, demographic burden, and economic activity.