Risk-Contributing Factors Within The Context Of Provision Of A Cooperative Organization’s Economic Security

Abstract :

In modern conditions any organization experiences the influence of both external and external factors, and in this connection there arise many problems, risks and threats. In conditions of economic development mechanisms and tools for prompt response of the cooperative sector to changes taking place on the microfinance market are required. A more balanced research and practical approach to solving the given problems is needed.?The aim of the study is systematization of theoretical and practical basics of assessment of risk-contributing factors of a cooperative organization and development of mechanisms of providing economic security of the cooperative sector in quickly changing conditions. As a result of analysis of risk-contributing factors that determine economic security of a cooperative organization, we suggested mechanisms enabling solving cyclic problems that arise in the cooperative sector and providing economic stability of cooperatives by means of internal reserves and proper attention to risks on all levels of management and regulation on the microfinance market.