Risk Assessment and Characterization of The Constraining Factors of The Russian Transport Sharing Market

Abstract :

Russia has a high concentration of population and consumer demand concentrated in several large metropolises. This is reflected in the current state of the transport sharing market, many of whose services have gained widespread use in large urban areas. The development of the Russian transport sharing market allows solving environmental issues, helps reduce transport infrastructure costs and reduce transportation costs in general. At the same time, international experience has shown that the sharing economy provides favorable conditions for startups and attracts venture investors, recognized players in the transport industry. And the combination of consumer trends and technology has allowed the transport industry in developed countries to become one of the leaders of the global economy. However, the analysis performed showed that the Russian transport sharing market is not competitive if compared to foreign counterparts. This is prevented by a number of constraining factors. The paper identifies these risks, detects the factors and causes behind them, and also gives helpful suggestions on how to mitigate their adverse effects.