Responsibility in Management – The Analysis of the Behavior of Employers Using the Logit Model

Abstract :

The issues of responsibility have become one of the significant aspects of management of the contemporary enterprise recently. On the one hand, this is linked to the growing awareness of stakeholders as to the role of the company in the market and, on the other, the implementation of the CSR strategy by enterprises, relating to taking responsibility for the impact they exert on the environment, while taking into account basic norms and ethical values. Thus, in the article, an attempt was made to estimate the logit model of employers’ behavior in terms of responsible management. For this purpose, the survey was conducted among 456 employees, and subsequently 5 logit models were estimated, which were verified in terms of statistical accuracy. All the estimated models showed statistical significance and also quite a large number of correct predictions. The analysis of the obtained results also indicated that the category of responsibility is an increasingly emphasized component of management, while constituting the basis for operations in the competitive market, thus becoming one of the factors for achieving a competitive advantage. Moreover, responsible management ought to primarily relate to establishing appropriate relationships within the company, i.e. the relationships of employee-employer, employer-employee, employee-employee, including the value system in the organization.?