Rentabilidad de Empresas Familiares en Economías Emergentes

Abstract :

The purpose of the present study is to identify the factors that affect the profitability of family businesses in emerging economies, business profitability is an issue that has been approached from different perspectives and tried to determine what factors affect companies to generate profitability levels Efficient, despite the various studies there is little evidence in emerging economies that address the family business approach. The family business has approximately 95% participation in the business structure of Ecuador, so it becomes an important sector of analysis and with wide fields of study for the economic and social contribution that it exerts in an emerging economy such as Ecuador. The data of a sample of 9,304 family businesses registered in the Superintendence of Companies, Securities and Insurance of Ecuador in the period between 2007 - 2017, through unbalanced panel data regression models applied by company size are used family was able to obtain that the factors that affect financial profitability are those related to debt, liquidity and efficiency, while financial indebtedness does not affect economic profitability for medium and large companies. The results confirm that there are factors that affect the generation of profitability and that in some cases its effect varies according to the size of the family business.