Regional Aspects of Rural Social Infrastructure Development

Abstract :

The article discusses current issues of the state and development of the social infrastructure of the rural areas. The necessity of state support of rural social development is substantiated. The main directions of the state program of the Chuvash Republic "Integrated development of rural territories of the Chuvash Republic" are considered.?The current social situation and the lack of socially acceptable living conditions in rural areas are a brake on the formation of socio-economic factors for the sustainable development of rural territories.?These provisions determined the following tasks of scientific research:

- to assess the social consequences of ongoing agricultural reforms and the current level of development of rural social infrastructure in general in the Russian Federation and in the Chuvash Republic;

- to identify the trends with the construction and commissioning in rural areas of the social infrastructure of the agricultural sector;

- to analyze the directions and volumes of financing the objects of the social infrastructure of the agro-industrial complex in the Chuvash Republic in accordance with the target programs;

- to substantiate possible ways to improve the social development of the village on the basis of the study of theoretical principles and scientific concepts, generalization of domestic and foreign experience, Russian agricultural history,;

- to develop new approaches and priority areas for the development of rural settlements, taking into account the integrated solution of economic and social problems to increase the competitiveness of the region.