Regional Aspects Of Development Of Competitive Environment

Abstract :

Description of a main objective of research. In recent years, Russia has encountered a crisis. This resulted in the low economic growth and low investment activity. In such conditions, regional authorities (including the authorities of Tambov region), face the challenge of stimulating business and developing a competitive environment. All this determines the relevance of this study.

Short description of methodology. The study was based on official Rosstat and Tambovstat statistics and the annual social and economic research “The competitive environment in the markets for goods and services in Tambov region: current conditions and prospects for development” (in 2015-2019), commissioned by Tambov Region Administration. The authors of the study analyzed the specific features of regional entrepreneurship and assessed the competitive environment and business conditions.

Compilation of the most important research results and their significance. The study shows that the general economic situation and the crisis processes have an impact on the business community of Tambov region, and cause changes in the competitive environment. As a result, entrepreneurs confirm that they face an increased competition, and outline the problems and basic conditions for the competitive environment. The article shows that, to a large extent, the development of the competitive environment in Tambov region is restrained by systemic and general economic processes the regional authorities can hardly influence. At the same time, due to the specifics of the regional economy, a growing crisis will have a dramatic impact on the business community of Tambov region and its competitive environment.