Recycling in Russia And Abroad: A Model of Circular Economy

Abstract :

The growth in population and consumption has led to a multiple increase for disposal. In Russia, traditionally, waste management is carried out by placing it at landfills, as well as authorized and illegal landfills. However, this method leads to significant negative consequences for the environment, the economy and public health. This study is aimed at analyzing current recycling practices in Russia and foreign countries.?Theoretical and empirical methods were used such as analysis of statistical data, study and analysis of scientific and business literature, systematization, generalization, comparative analysis.?The author draws a conclusion that in order to solve the problem of waste management in Russia, it is necessary to ensure a transition to the ‘circular economy’ model, but this requires a complete restructuring of existing business models, a change in the mentality of the population and the formation of socially and environmentally responsible behavior among citizens.