Railway Component of the Central Transport Port as A Determinant of the Transport Security of Military Units

Abstract :

Safety is, inter alia, defined as a condition in which no risks are perceived. These risks may affect different areas, including the meeting of transport needs. For military units and institutions, one of the key needs in the broadly understood logistics is the need for transport tasks. In the 21st century, this need can be met with different modes of transport. When planning to expand the Central Transport Port /CPK/ it is necessary to see the possibility of meeting the transport need using a railway component built and upgraded under the CPK. Whether and as far as possible depends on the transport relationship and the planned course of the new railway line system. Analysis of the planned routes indicates that, in addition to the CPK railway component, other lines should be taken into account, the modernisation of which will create conditions for a fuller meeting of the transport needs of military units and institutions.