Qualimetric Assessment of Digitalization Vectors on a Regional Level: A Case of the Russian Federation

Abstract :

In modern conditions of Russia, the implementation of federal projects of the national program ?Digital Economy of the Russian Federation? is especially relevant. Particular attention in the scientific community is paid to discussing the modern concept of the “digital economy” and the practice of developing regional digitalization processes.

The paper provides a critical analysis of foreign and domestic approaches to assessing the level of development of the digital economy. The possibility of their application in the conditions of modern Russia at the regional level is investigated.

The authors have proposed an approach to building the digitalization index of the Russian regions, which allows a comprehensive assessment of the digital economy development level in regions. This tool is especially relevant as a tool for analyzing the implementation of the digitalization strategy for the constituent entities of the Russian Federation in the framework of federal projects as a part of the national program ?Digital Economy of the Russian Federation?.