Puskesmas, the Third Level of Indonesia Healthcare: Current Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Status and Readiness in Meeting Industry 4.0 Challenges

Abstract :

The current world of health is inseparable from computer technology and information technology. The processing of medical data that used to be done manually is now made automatic with information systems to speed up the work process of doctors in obtaining medical data. In hospitals, of course many have "Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Information System (IS)" but there are still many Puskesmas (the third level of Indonesian healthcare institution) that do not have such a system in Makassar City. Patient medical data at the health center at this time in the city of Makassar, is done manually or using a computer but has not been supported by the information system. The number of problems that often occur due to recording medical records is done by recording on the medical record card, resulting in human errors, searching medical records data that takes a long time and recording disease reports that are sometimes inaccurate. In addition to the patient's medical data, the illnesses suffered by patients vary greatly and the drugs recommended for each patient are also, in many cases, not the same between patients with the same disease. Based on the description above, it is considered very urgent to design and design an EMR information system at one of the Puskesmas in Makassar that can be used as a reference by other Indonesian’s Puskesmas.