Public Relations Practices and Bootlegging in Nigeria’s Publishing Industry

Abstract :

Public relations tools and practices are the backbones of every organisation. Publishing industries have different sectors working to achieve organisational goals. Nevertheless, is the practices of the PR typical in the publishing industry? This study examines the organogram and internal functions of the public relations unit and the causes of bootlegging, including its effect on distribution and price. The study also focused on the damages bootlegging cost publishers and how public relations tools can tackle bootlegging. However, the Two-Symmetrical public relations model by James E. Grunig was adopted. The study focused on Stirling-Horden, HEBN, Safari books publishing industries, public relations agency and booksellers which were selected purposively. The population which is in Ibadan was selected based on the proximity it has to publish productions. The publishing firms were selected based on publications of Education, Academic and General Books. Results further indicate that both public relations practitioners and agencies are uninterested in educational, academic and general publishing. Therefore, this study recommends that publishing organisation should be encouraged to have a PR department, and the government support them with protective laws.