Public Relations Activities of a State Parks and Gardens Agency in Promoting Environmental Sustainability in Nigeria

Abstract :

In Public Relations, the Publics of an organisation are essential; therefore, implementation of a planned programme of action must serve the interest of both the organisation and its publics. Public relations is a management function, and its activities and tool are indispensable to every organisation for building and sustaining their image in public, especially to their audience. This study seeks to find out the awareness of public relations actions carried out by the ministry and agency and the impact of their activities on the citizens. The study focused on the Lagos state ministry of environment and one of its agencies, Lagos State Parks and Gardens, which were selected purposively. The population was selected purposively due to accessibility and availability of respondents also; every citizen has an equal chance of being selected both male and female. The sample size for the study was 250 questionnaires, but 200 questionnaires were retrieved successfully from the field. The study discovered an information gap and the need for more awareness of organised public relations activations. However, the study recommends that the government's public relations actions should help the citizens to imbibe the appropriate cultures and lifestyles that would grow organisations. Also, other researchers are to find out the awareness and the impact of this initiative, LASPARK on the populace in Lagos covering other local governments and zones.