Public Awareness And Perception Of Electronic Public Relations At The Lagos State Traffic Management Authority, Nigeria

Abstract :

This study is significant because the research will examine the effectiveness of the use of electronic media by LASTMA to propagate its policy. Therefore, detailed information will be made available on the prospect and performance of the agency in Lagos. This research will be useful for the state government to evaluate the performance of the agency. It will also be helpful for the general public to assess the effectiveness of LASTMA within the metropolis. The scope of this study will cover the public; which include some selected motorists, and commuters within and around Lagos. The study examined the effect of e-public relations on the activities of LASTMA. In the survey, Two-way symmetric Public Relations model of James E. Grunig was adopted with a random sampling method using survey design. We distributed two hundred and thirty copies of the questionnaires to the respondents. They returned 200 copies correctly fill. Also, the results were processed using the Statistical Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS) software. A significant finding is that LASTMA's public relations activities are not visible on the electronic media. This study recommends that the public relations department of the agency need to put in more work to propagate its policies.