Project Of Empirical Research On Innovative Organizations In Poland

Abstract :

Today, young entrepreneurs who begin their "adventure" with business and are in the initial startup stage, the so-called preseed stage, have problems describing their business plan in terms of its vision, strategy and innovation. They tend to follow the usual patterns and often make too hasty decisions about the final establishment of their business. Then, what becomes the most difficult is the fact that the control group formed by the companies that have already left startups (the so-called post-startup stage) and are building their brand, is not relevant, because their development paths were also poorly thought out and even very often resembled someone else's idea adapted to the demand and economic conditions of the day.?This article presents the results of research on? Wroc?aw enterprises (startups) concerning the analysis of the company's mission and vision along with the identification of innovation sources, resources and elements of the Lean Canvas strategy. The original research assumption was to identify the extent of use of creative problem-solving techniques in the context of open innovation. However, in the course of research it turned out that Wroc?aw startups know very little about the problem being studied, which resulted in a change in the research objective.