Professional Public Relations Activations and Tools Used by A State Development and Property Corporation in Nigeria

Abstract :

This study seeks to determine the Public Relations activations and the tools used to convey these activations by the Lagos State Development and Property Corporation. The Responsible Advocacy Theory, developed by Fitzpatrick and Gauthier in 2001, was used as a theoretical framework for this study. Interviews were conducted from the public relations practitioners/personnel in this Corporation to draw the necessary conclusion on this subject. Findings show that there is a structured and well established public relations department/unit in both the Ministry and the Corporation. Meaning that there is formal public relations activation in the Corporation because they have to be able to professionally identify and defined clearly who the dominant target publics are. In conclusion, professional public relations activations and tools enhance housing development which can likely shape the local social and political environment, the reputation and actions of the developer, and local perceptions of the population to be served. Professionals in this area who feel their affordable or low-income housing proposals are likely to encounter local resistance can initiate an assessment and outreach to the community.