Product Life Cycle In Relation To The Issue Of Recycling And Reuse Of Waste From The Manufacture Of Airbags

Abstract :

The article presents the analysis of the life cycle of the product obtained from the automotive industry as well as the process of its recycling in order to manufacture the secondary raw material. The analyzed example is the reprocessing and management of waste from materials used for the manufacture of airbags and airbags themselves which have not positively passed the quality control. The conducted research was to analyze the state of this branch of industry and determine the impact of recycling on the processability of regranulates and thus the ability to manufacture new products and the effect on their selected properties. The scope of the study included the determination of technological factors (Melt Mass Flow Rate (MFR) and Melt Volume Flow Rate (MVR)) and the impact of impurities and the regranulation process on these indicators. The conducted analysis indicated significant changes in the value of the key indices responsible for the correct processing and thus the need to adapt the technological process to the properties of the material as well as the need to verify the properties of the regranulate itself.