Process Maturity Models As Tools For Organisation Improvement And Development

Abstract :

The development of an organisation is inevitable, especially taking into account the challenges and requirements that contemporary organisations face. Hyper-competition, virtualization, development of new technologies, decreasing life cycles of products and the dynamics of customers’ expectations force organisations to search for tools that will enable them to develop in an orderly, balanced way. This is because the acceleration of the pace of development requires that organisations deal with many problems. Undoubtedly, the business models of process maturity can be regarded as a tool for improvement and development of an organization. Such models, apart from describing particular levels of maturity, allow to focus the development of an organisation on better process results on the one hand and on the other hand on increasing the efficiency of entire organisations. The aim of this article is to contribute to the BPM theory by presenting a wider perspective of business process maturity models as a tool for organisational improvement and development, particularly in relation to the functions performed by the models of process maturity and the impact of the use of these models on the development of an organisation.