Process Management Of Patient Engagement – A Challenge For The Health Care System

Abstract :

The provision of high quality, safe, effective and patient-oriented health services requires a comprehensive and coherent approach to the management of processes implemented in the health care system. It is particularly important to cooperate at all levels of the system to engage patients in decision-making regarding health services. The involvement of patients, their families and communities is a broad concept of capacity building of the patient to actively participate in managing their own health and care. The result of such an approach are the benefits relating to the quality of health services, focusing on the patient, better health outcomes and effectiveness of the health system. In order to ensure the effectiveness of undertaken actions, it is necessary to manage processes of patient engagement, which means a comprehensive, continuous and systematic use of methods and tools for influencing the processes undertaken to meet the needs of patients and the system in terms of increasing participation.

The issues discussed in the article concern the key issues of process management of patient engagement. The purpose of the article is to present and analyse the essence and role of patient involvement and to identify the premises, conditions and ways of managing engagement in a process approach. The article is a conceptual and research and was developed based on an in-depth analysis of literature, documents and interviews. Based on the analysis, a conceptual model of process management of patient involvement was proposed, taking into account the main tasks and participants responsible for their implementation at the organisational level.