Process Innovativeness In Service Implemenetation With The Example Of An Enterprise Providing Innovative Solutions

Abstract :

Innovativeness is becoming the main guideline in the policy of many enterprises intending to build its and its environment’s driving force. The environments in which it is becoming more difficult to compete without building an innovation strategy, where small and medium enterprises achieve successes characterised by the following distinguishing features: awareness in which innovativeness becomes a feature strongly related to success; the sense that innovativeness leads to faster development or greater successes than in the case of non-innovative enterprises; the belief that innovativeness will lead to greater share in the market and improvement in profitability. Strictly innovative activity in enterprises is profitable in many ways.? R&D activity demonstrates strong correlation between the achieved research results and new products. Thanks to introducing new or improved products, an enterprise maintains its market position or gains new market space, thereby increasing its profits. Shorter lifetime of products and quick reaction or the ability to replace products with newer versions are not without meaning. The purpose of the paper was to present the entrepreneur’s attitude towards the executed implementation project and check the model applied by the entrepreneur. The study was conducted using the in-depth interview (IDI) method, classified as one of the basic techniques of qualitative studying. It is based on having a talk with the respondent. The interview’s purpose is to obtain a detailed opinion and information from the company’s owner concerning the executed innovative project. The applied technique was aimed at check whether the innovation process was executed according to the specified stages, which allowed the entrepreneur to plan and implement the innovative solutions in an effective manner. The model’s aim was to check what was the process of seeking the solution that was later implemented.