Problems of Investing in the Entrepreneurship in Vietnam

Abstract :

Entrepreneurship is one of the main factors of production and it plays a key role in determining the level of production and employment. When the more the entrepreneurship culture is common in the society, the less unemployment occurs. Nowaday, together with globalization process, entrepreneurship has become a fundamental determinant of economic growth and development.

Currently, according to many organizations, Vietnam is an emerging economy with a golden population structure and a low unemployment rate. The entrepreneurship has been seen as driving power on develop of state. Incentive policies of the state in investment in entrepreneurship help investors take risks making it easier. Provided supports, exemptions, exceptions, and reductions tax to the entrepreneurs by the state make entrepreneurship sustainable. In this paper, the importance of investment in the entrepreneurship in Vietnam will be emphasized. Status of investments in the entrepreneurship in Vietnam be described and solutions will be discussed to resolve this issue.