Principles of Forestry Digitalization in Russia

Abstract :

The article discusses the implementation of digital technologies in the forestry sector of Russia. The results of a study of the state forest management system at the level of Russian regions for the application of digital technologies are presented. It has been established that the digitalization and implementation of ICTin forestry is hampered by the lack of national information systems and digital platforms and a unified approach to standardization of processes, forms of collection, storage and transmission of complete and relevant information on forest resources and forest areas. The need for digital technologies in the forestry business is growing, and the most demanded are mobile applications, online services, cloud services and distance learning technologies.?To support forestry entrepreneurship, it is necessary to create a mobile application ?Personal account of the tenant? with the characteristics of the leased forest plot, forest resource (timber stock, species composition, productivity, etc.) and economic characteristics (rental payments, expected income, rental period). Digitalization of the Russian forest complex should be carried out on the basis of standardization; reliability; unification; distribution of information; openness; information security.