Preferred Organization Management Styles. The Perspective of Polish Family Businesses

Abstract :

Management is one of the most important functions in the organization, therefore, the level of management determines the adaptation of the organization to variable environmental and business conditions. Among the conditions for effective management, it is possible to distinguish the level of knowledge, skills to be a manager, the level of power as well as the desire to manage organizations, but most of all the adopted relevant attitude which affects the management style. The literature review indicates a wide range of divisions involving organization management styles, which confirms that the management situation is affected by the factors which determine the style and, what is more, in the case of family businesses, the combination of familiness and business. Therefore, the management of family businesses includes the combination of both formal and informal mechanisms, which may arise inside or outside the organization, which directly influences the mixed management styles of such organizations.?The objective of the article is to show what management styles are dominant in the management of family businesses taking into account the divisions adopted. The reasoning is based on the results of the research on a group of Polish family businesses. The research conducted in 2018 clearly indicates that there are mixed management styles in family businesses, which combine relevant styles associated with management in family businesses. The most dominant management style in the case of the simple style division is the autocratic style and, in the case of the extended division, the integrated style.