Practitioners’ Usage Of Electronic Public Relations At A State Transport Ministry In Nigeria

Abstract :

Management of traffic involves the practice of managing the exciting traffic jam within an environment to create a free flow of traffic, control and manage traffic situations. Before 1999, the situation of traffic congestion on the roads of Lagos state was in a state of severe confusion and neglect. This situation led to the establishment of LASTMA, which, since inception, has helped control the traffic situation in the State. The use of electronic public relations constitutes and forms a standardized way of promoting an organization's products, services, and therefore making an impact on its general public. The purpose of this research is to examine the usage of electronic media by the public affairs Practitioners in the transport sector of Lagos state. ?The use of an electronic medium in public relations has excellent potential as a communication tool because the profession generally is and always will be about human relationships. The use of ecology theory and its assumptions form the basis of this study, and it focuses on how the media and communication processes influence human perception, understanding, feelings and values. The researcher adopts a qualitative method of gathering data through the use of an in-depth interview. The study population include the Ministry of transport and its agency LASTMA. The result shows that the transport sector adopts electronic media communication and have effectively used it in ensuring a relationship between the agency and the public. Thereby creating an impact which is positive on the economic growth on the State. Thus, this study recommends that LASTMA needs to intensify effort in the use of the media to instil the habit of obeying traffic rules and regulations on vehicle drivers. Celebrities and social icons should be engaged to influence road users, regardless of whatever challenges they may encounter in their day to day discharge of duty.