Piracy in Beauty and Cosmetics Industry and the Application of Public Relations Tools in Nigeria

Abstract :

This study examines the application of public relations in the beauty and cosmetics industry and how usable it is to curb piracy. Cultivation theory forms the fundamental basis of the study. The purposive sampling method is adopted using the survey design. Thus, a questionnaire is used to gather respondents' opinion; and the data gathered is processed with the Scientific Package for the Social Sciences (SPSS). Key findings show that product launch and makeup are the top public relations activities of beauty and cosmetics companies with which the public is cognizant. Billboards, Instagram and Twitter, are the predominant media of public awareness of public relations activities of the beauty and cosmetics industry. Public relations is confirmed as a useful tool in influencing the thoughts of the public and curbing piracy in the beauty and cosmetics industry. Accordingly, the study recommends that the government should establish regulatory bodies to monitor and punish perpetrators of piracy in the beauty and cosmetics industry.?