Organizational and Economic Mechanism for Managing the Digital Potential of a System-Forming Innovative-Active Industrial Cluster

Abstract :

The current development of economic sectors cannot be imagined without the using of information technology. An increasing number of countries around the world are developing government programs aimed at digitalization and robotization of various spheres of economic activity, where industrial production occupies one of the leading positions. Today, an increasing number of industrial enterprises are clustering, which allow companies to significantly better withstand the risks that arise in the market, reduce costs, receive higher rates of profit, and produce goods with significant competitive advantages. In the context of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0), the active using of ICT tools, which underlie the system-forming innovative-active industrial clusters operating on digital platforms, has become especially urgent. In this regard, consideration of issues related to the assessment of digital potential and the creation of a mechanism for its effective management are particular importance. The authors conducted studies to substantiate assessment methods, develop a conceptual approach and methodology for assessing the cluster’s digital potential, create an organizational and economic mechanism for managing the digital potential of a system-forming innovative-active industrial cluster.