Organization Visibility and Firm Ownership: Investigation of the Association With Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Contribution Disclosure in Southeast Asia

Abstract :

Private sector is one of parties contributing for the successful achievement of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Its integration in business can include into strategic decision which involve the role of principals and pressures from stakeholders. On the basis of legitimacy, reputation, and agency theory, this study investigates whether organization visibility, family ownership, and foreign ownership become factors in explaining SDGs reporting. This study analyze sustainability report published by firms in the sample of emerging economies in Southeast Asia context. Combining data from various resources, the result found that a more visible firm and a higher percentage of foreign investors is associated to a higher number of SDGs contribution reporting. In contrast, there is no evidence that family ownership plays significant role in SDGs reporting in sustainability report. This study helps managers and stakeholders in identifying their strategic decision while aligning support towards advancement of Sustainable Development Goals.