Opportunities and limitations of energy efficiency in companies in the European Union

Abstract :

Achievement of energy efficiency is a major challenge due to the complexity and size of customers, including national, regional, and local authorities, households, and industry. The energy savings shown so far in individual countries are usually smaller than declared. The problem is aggravated by the continuous technological progress, social development, and population growth. The goal of energy saving remains in opposition to the growing demand for products and services. Therefore, EU energy efficiency regulations may not fully address the existing dilemmas for many market players, including primarily for private companies. On the one hand, the objective of those entities is to meet the needs of consumers, and on the other hand, they should focus on reducing energy consumption. Consequently, a research problem has been identified concerning the possibilities of increasing energy savings in companies and trade associations operating within the European Union. All raw data used for the study comes from a data set that was developed for consultation of the EED Directive by the European Commission. The purpose of study is indicate the attitude of companies operating in the European Union towards energy efficiency regulations.