Omnichannel Strategy as a Green Marketing Tool

Abstract :

The current trends in green products promotion characterizes by the relevant necessity of implementation the omni-channel approach for unification customer experience across all marketing channels. The goal of the article is to investigate the structural and functional environment of the formation and development the marketing and omnichannel strategies, to search the opportunity for its implementation in green marketing strategies. The authors used the methods of bibliometric analysis for determining vectors of perspective development of marketing strategies and omnichannel theory as a tool for green goods and services promotion. The main hypothesis of investigation is the studying the increasing tendency on analyzing of marketing strategies by the scientists. In order to formulate the terminological basis of the implementation the omnichannel strategies in green marketing, a bibliometric analysis of the spread of the concept of "green marketing" and "omnichannel strategies" in scientific articles indexed by the Scopus science base was performed. These authors reviewed more than 1670 papers from Scopus base. The period for the analysis was chosen since 2000 till 2019. Used the Scopus screening tools showed that in 2006 the numbers of articles which focused on marketing strategies began to increase. On the international level the investigated area represented by the next countries: United States, United Kingdom, China, Australia, India etc. Using the VOS viewer program were identified 12 clusters of the scientific papers which investigated marketing strategies from the different points of views. In the paper justified that in the condition when the scale of green products supply and using are constantly increasing the traditional multichannel strategies can lead to confusion for customers about the products offer. In that case using the omnichannel strategies could optimize consumers engagement, meet high customer expectations, enable better service, provide actionable data integrated.