Normalising Strategic Fit Orientation and Business Agility of Non-Oil Export Women Entrepreneurs in Lagos State

Abstract :

Strategic fit orientation is crucial to competitive performance as it involves matching internal activities of firms with diverse external context. The capability of a business to grow and survive depends on its ability to be timely and flexible (agility) in responding or reacting to market changes. Extant research has shown that entrepreneurs, especially women in the non-oil export, are not strategically fit to arrange their limited resources in alignment with prevalent competition and market environment. As a result, this study examined the effect of strategic fit orientation on business agility among women entrepreneurs in non-oil export, Lagos state. This study adopted a descriptive design and quantitative approach to elicit information from selected 402 female entrepreneurs and export managers who are actively involved in non-oil exporting activities in the agribusiness, textile, as well as information and technology business processing outfit (ITBPO). The respondents were conveniently and purposively selected. The data collected was analysed using measurement and structural modelling. The finding indicated that 66.3% variance of business agility is explained by strategic fit orientation (r=0.814, p= <0.05). This finding implies that women entrepreneurs adapt to technological changes and provide a relative, focused and stable market for their customers. Based on this, women entrepreneurs should consistently develop strategies to alleviate potential risks, evaluate situations and possible consequences of threats in agreement with their objectives to remain dynamic in the business environment.