New Landscape of the Industry 4.0 Trends in the ICT Sector After the COVID 19 Epidemic

Abstract :

Technological progress has contributed over the centuries to the development of so-called industrial revolutions. One of such revolutions is the Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0), in which we are now living. It is the development of ICT that has contributed to its definition as a concept within which technologies and the physical world not only coexist but intertwine. Given that currently, the coronavirus epidemic has shaken the global economy and practically all sectors have fallen. Therefore, the question naturally arises how Industry 4.0 trends in the ICT sector are shaping in the face of the crisis. The purpose of the article is to try to answer this question. The first part of the article defines the ICT sector, then presents its evolution and discusses the concept of Industry 4.0. The next part characterizes the main trends in the Industry 4.0 area in the ICT sector. These trends became the basis for empirical research conducted in the Polish ICT sector, the results of which are further presented. The last part of the article presents the summary and conclusions.