New Cooperation Strategy Based on Synergy Effect

Abstract :

Synergy effects start to be more important in strategy management of current cooperative organizational forms. Synergy represents stronger cooperation relations in business environment, which participates in formation of synergy effect. Cooperation strategy of those collaborations achieves innovative and sustainable solutions of many problems. The purpose of this article is to point out emerging importance of synergy effect in formation of successful cooperation strategy. Creation of recommendations for praxis towards successful cooperation is an important step in the following analysis. The coexistence of cooperation and competitiveness is a common solution that will support the creation of added value (synergy effects) of the cooperative relationship of several environmental elements. This research confirms the versatility of synergy within different conditions and environments, achieving it as a result of being managed. Mapping the synergy in a current environment within the chosen cooperation relations shows that each one contributor of such a relationship builds stronger relation if all cooperation′s actors build stronger competitiveness. In general the main consensus from single conceptions is that proposal of measurement and management of synergy effects in business environment through cooperation relations is the fundamental competitive strategy in current dynamic environment.