Multidimensional Analysis Of The Project Teams Flexibility – The Results Of The Pilot Study

Abstract :

The organization flexibility is one of the key determinants of increasing efficiency and effectiveness, and as a result increasing the chance for success in project management.? It is most often defined as an organization's ability to make changes under the external and internal factors, and the degree of adaptability to changes within the project environment. Modern conditions of the companies' operations put new challenges to project teams, and higher flexibility of the organization is now a very desirable attribute. Changes in the area of project teams' flexibility are inherently related to the flexibility of the parent organization structure in which the teams operate. The aim of this Paper is to present the results of a pilot case study to identify the intensity of the basic structural dimensions occurrence to determine the flexibility of project teams' organization. The research techniques used are: analysis of the organizational documentation content and an in-depth semi-structured interview within the method of multiple exploratory case studies, aiming to formulate further research directions.? The article presents the results of a study conducted in the second half of 2019 for two companies (A and B) with foreign capital, operating in Poland. The findings showed that company B, as a result of the transformation, began to show higher flexibility in the organization of project teams and consequently better adapted to the conditions of its external and internal environment.