Multi-Factor Model of Competitiveness of Business Services Subsector in Poland in Changing Economic Conditions

Abstract :

In the 21st century, many changes took place in Poland, which positively influenced the ability to think about the need to adapt the business model of an enterprise to a specific phase of the business cycle. However, this did not translate into preparation of enterprises for changes in the economic situation. This fact and extraordinary events, initiated in China at the turn of 2019 and 2020, influenced the launch of research aimed at developing a concept for the model of functioning of business sub-sector enterprises in changing economic conditions. The choice of the research subsector was determined by its economic significance, measured by its share in GDP creation, value added and employment. The hypothesis was formulated as follows: In the opinion of business owners of the business services subsector in Poland, their entities are relatively poorly prepared for potential changes in economic conditions. The result of the research is the proposal of a flexible business model of the business services subsector in changing economic conditions based on the principles of clinical economics of J. Sachs.