Motives And Ownership-Based Entry Mode Strategies: Evidence From Poland

Abstract :

Companies are driven to go international by a variety of reasons. It is crucial for managers, governments and scholars to get a deeper understanding of those reasons and location factors in host countries as they affect the success of foreign operations and the future of the company.

The aim of the paper is to present the results of research studies on identifying FDI determinants of the host country among Polish enterprises and differences in the perception of the factors depending on the ownership equity-based entry mode. The paper presents results of a field surveyed carried out in 2012-2013 through direct interviews among Polish companies – direct investors. The research results confirmed that Polish investors are mainly driven by market seeking motives and market-related factors are the most important determinants of undertaken FDI projects regardless of the ownership equity based-entry mode. Furthermore, there were no evidence of a relationship between institutional and legal framework-related factors and the ownership equity-based mode as initially we assumed.