Motivation Aspect of Personality Formation of Pupils with Special Abilities

Abstract :

Key factors of successful activity in the modern world are learning, innovation and cooperation. Identification of abilities in the early age is necessary for further development and success of human activity in the future. The aim of the study is to highlight the results of an empirical study aimed at motivational factors that influence the identification and formation of the personality of pupils with special abilities. To study motivation of pupils, questionnaires and methods were used of personality diagnostics on motivation to success of T. Elers. The Questionarie of creative behavior KANE of S. Popek was applied for the study of pupils creativity level and the peculiarities of their cognitive and characterological spheres. In the theory of multiple intelligences it is indicated that success depends on the extent to which the person is using intelligence, and the goal of the school should be to develop the intellect and help the young person to achieve a professional and unprofessional goal that corresponds to a specific spectrum of intellects.