Modern Methods Of Teaching Accounting And Financial Literacy In The Context Of The Transformation Of Educational Technologies

Abstract :

Information and educational technologies are currently a necessary for transforming society into a digital format. The increasing complexity of financial and accounting products and the need for responsible decisions focused on the use of special methods of preparing students based on e-learning, blended learning, as well as designing models of responsible financial behavior. This is connected with the fact that in short-term perspective young people will become a key segment in a new financial infrastructure.

The article is devoted to the analysis of the modern trends in teaching methods of such directions as accounting and financial literacy. According to the authors’ opinion, the study of particularly these directions allows students to form the first experience of rational behavior competences, conscious decision-making in finance management, as well as to undergo the effective socialization in the modern society. The authors conducted a sociological survey among students, the results of which showed the main problems and tasks that need to be addressed in the methods of teaching accounting and financial literacy to modern students. As a result of the conducted research the correspondence between the assumptions adopted for designing complementary teaching and the expectations of the present generation of students could be verified.