Modern Corporate Strategies Based on the Integration of Management and Technological Paradigms

Abstract :

The scale, number and quality of the problems that companies have to solve today are significantly different from the problems of the past. Particularly acute are problems such as global competition, which intensifies against the backdrop of the ongoing escalation of sanctions wars; breakdown of economic integration with Western partners, forcing Russian companies to seek new business contacts; onset of a new technological revolution stimulating the innovative activity of all subjects of economic relations and development of management of the virtual work environment, etc. An operational response to environmental disturbances and an adequate solution to emerging problems, far from exhausting their complete list, is possible on the basis of increasing the resource potential of companies as a result of a synergistic effect from various kinds of cooperation relations between partner companies.?The solution of these problems is most promising in the conditions of transition of the economy to a model of sustainable development. The emphasis of economic policy should be placed on the innovativeness of all spheres and sectors of the economy, which are based