Modern Business Crowdfinancing

Abstract :

There are modern sources, business financing instruments and investment projects galore. Not only direct investment attraction through a share or debt issue, collective financing (mutual funds, etc), project financing via an SPV, banking investment crediting and other classic forms are popular now. The methods, which were unknown in Russia until recently are gaining popularity -- crowdfunding, crowdinvesting, digital currency issues (ICO), etc. The article will consider one of these modern financing and business project instruments, which is especially important for startups, -- crowdfunding, in detail. Crowdfunding in Russia is a relatively new type of business financing, while abroad it has been popular for more than 15 years. However, growing popularity of this type of financing triggers growth of related problems. That is why the research underlines the importance of crowdfunding in financing of startups, offers the key directors of its improvement to minimize risks and losses of potential investors. ?