Modeling The Hierarchical Composition Of Factors Affecting The Consumer Decision-Making Process

Abstract :

Purpose – This research aims to build a hierarchical composition of factors influencing the process of consumer decision-making by means of Internet technologies.?Design/methodology/approach – In order to address the purpose of this research, factors influencing consumer decision-making by means of Internet technologies were identified and ranked. The methodology of this study is based on the use of such methods as descriptive statistics method; the method of grouping personal data and the method of average assessment; the method of correlation analysis; matrix method; Saaty hierarchy analysis method.?Findings – The widespread use of Internet technologies leads to the transformation of the consumer behavior model. Producers of goods and services should pay attention to the multidirectional changes in consumer behavior, namely an increase in the rationalization trend, on the one hand, and standardization of consumer decisions, on the other. In order to achieve the above-mentioned tasks, the authors proposed the model of a hierarchical composition of factors that influence consumer decision-making.?Originality/value - The advantage of application of the proposed hierarchical composition is that consumer decisions management system is based on a modular principle, and therefore is stable and elastic at the same time. The elasticity of such a system is provided by the possibility of changing one or several modules, not the entire system. Modular (partial) changes also guarantee the stability of the system, since they are aimed only at correcting the system, not at destroying its integrity.