Mobile Health Apps Use In The Group Of Young Poles – Comparative Analysis

Abstract :

Background: Mobile technology is useful not only in communication, but also as a support for many other activities. Is also rapidly expanding field in the health sector, assisting our life. Objectives: The purpose of the paper is to discuss smartphones as a platform for m-health delivery for young people in Szczecin. The aim is not only to study the popularity of various health and medicine apps but also to analyse changes over time and to examine the association between the installation, use of health-related apps and some socio demographic qualities.Data and Methods: To achieve the purpose, primary research was done. The survey let author collect data from the pre-defined sample of 225 respondents in June 2013 and 212 respondents in June 2019 aged 18-34 years. The questionnaire contained closed ended questions generally in the form of dichotomous questions. Statistical analysis was done using Pearson's chi-square test of independence, coefficient φ and Cramer's coefficient V. ?Results: Smartphones are increasingly used also for health-related purposes. The growing, although relatively small, part of people uses health or medical applications. Apps are much more often installed than used. Health application users are usually in good or very good health condition. ?Conclusions: Mobile technologies have the potential to revolutionize interaction with health services. Observed changes let formulate thesis that health apps will be more and more popular because of digitalisation and conscious health management trends. M-health increases access to health information and services, as well as promotes positive changes in health behaviours.