Mobile Devices In Organization Need Or Whim – Case Study From University Of Information Technology And Management In Rzeszow

Abstract :

Organizations are very different now compared to the last three or five years. New mobile technologies are changing business models, strategies and trends in organizations. Mobile technologies resulted in many challenges not only for organization and employees but also for end customers.

The main goal of this article is examining the technological maturity of the end customers - in this case students of the University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow (UITM), Poland.

To answer the research questions three steps were taken. At the beginning a literature review was carried out. Then the global statistics on mobile solutions (devices and applications) were analysed to discover technology trends. At the end the text-based survey was conducted among 640 persons representing 25 countries.

The research results allow to draw a conclusion that the rapid development of mobile devices and mobile applications is forcing organizations to create new strategies - to implement new technologies. The research also led to discover that end customers of the UITM are technologically and mentally ready for using mobile technologies.

The results presented in this article are a part of two-years research project: The adoption of a mobile solution in the context of university education. The project was financed by statutory grant from University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow, Poland.