Migration Of The Romanian Rural Population

Abstract :

The research aims at identifying the current situation regarding the migration of the Romanian rural population, as well as the causes of migration due to the country’s accession to the European Union in 2007. The analysis also relies on data provided by the European Commission about the destination of the Romanian rural population, which chose to expand their professional horizons outside the borders of Romania. In order to statistically reflect the latest trends, the methodology included an analysis of the following indicators: the population by place of permanent residence; the change of permanent residence from rural or urban areas and the dynamics of urban and rural migration caused by moving house.

During the period of time analysed, the highest domestic migration from both rural and urban areas nationwide was seen in 2017, when approximately 380,202 people decided to change their permanent residence. This study is a first step in designing a strategy for repopulating the rural areas of Romania, Entrepreneurship is considered to be a major factor of economic growth, innovation, competitiveness, employment and social integration in these areas and, as such, it has enjoyed European support for a long time.